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Check here for class assignments, for links to cool websites about Earth Science, and other neat stuff! Have a great year!

What is Earth Science?
Not surprisingly, most of what we study in Earth science is, well, Earth. Naturally, Earth is a great big huge topic - actually, a bunch of topics! We will be studying the atmosphere and weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, the ocean, rocks and how they are formed, canyons, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and so on and so on. We will also study the moon, the sun, planets, stars, galaxies. Neat stuff!

Why study Earth Science?
One of the biggest reasons I can think of is because our planet is in really big trouble. Unfortunately, much of what has been done with science has been to exploit our planet to meet our current desires, without thought that we might be destroying our planet in the process. Is science bad, then? No. Science is a powerful tool for good or for bad. It is certain that we will not be able to do much to help get our planet out of its current mess without the benefits of scientific knowledge. Let us decide to use our knowledge wisely!

The study of Earth science is helpful or absolutely essential for many occupations such as farming, landscaping, civil engineering, energy management, astronomical research, meteorology, etc. It is hoped that through this study, you will develop a greater appreciation of the world and universe we live in, and for its Creator.


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